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1. Where are volunteers able to take the dogs while out on walks?
2. What color of dog collar means the dog is easy to walk?
3. What color of dog collar means the dog is somewhat harder to walk?
4. What collar color means the dog is very hard to walk, and should not be walked by new volunteers?
5. What does the 10 foot rule mean?
6. What is the best thing to do when the dog you are walking is reacting to another dog?
7. What is the best way to hold a leash in your hand?
8. How do you know if the ground is too hot to walk the dogs?
9. When doing "Stop, Stay, Change Direction," I should:
10. What is the purpose of "Stop, Stay, Change Direction"?
11. When is the right timing to stop, stay, change direction?
12. What is crucial to performing a left hand turn?
13. How many groups of puppies can you socialize each day?
14. What must you do with your shoes before entering a puppy kennel?
15. When exiting a puppy kennel, you should: