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GivingTuesday is part of a national celebration of generosity that takes place only one Tuesday of the year, with this year's event happening November 30, 2021. Giving Tuesday is a day to give a gift that makes an important impact - right here in your own community. It's a way to let your values be part of your holiday giving. 

This holiday season, you can support the excellent work done at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center by making a donation on GivingTuesday - Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Though getting our pets out of our doors and into loving homes is our number one priority, we’d also like to share the many other ways MSRPAC can serve the community and YOU! When you donate to the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, you are giving second chances to both the pets and the people in Riverside.

MSRPAC does #MoreThanAdoptions. From providing resources to families that have fallen on hard times, to educational opportunities for children, our work is driven by compassion, generosity and the belief that together, we can serve both pets and the people that love them.


Ronnie and Raider


Ronnie, a Good Samaritan and fellow supporter, came to MSRPAC with his sweet pup, Raider, when he had fallen on hard times. Ronnie had lost his job due to the pandemic and he and his best friend, Raider, transitioned to living full-time in an RV.

Ronnie was struggling each day to make ends meet and was worried about how he would afford Raider’s next meal.

Thanks to loving supporters like you, MSRPAC was able to ease Ronnie’s fears and allow him to never stress about Raider going hungry again.

At Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, we believe that pets and people should remain together. To help make this possible, we often lend a paw with our Pet Food Assistance Program. This program helps pet owners in need by providing pet food for the pets they love so much. We love that we can provide aid to the pets and people in Riverside with Pet Food Assistance Program.

Having heard about our program, Ronnie came to MSRPAC for help. He was able to receive multiple bags of pet food for Raider and both were beyond thankful. Ronnie broke down in tears and said: "You guys are so awesome. I am so grateful - I can keep Raider because of you."

Your donations to MSRPAC make moments just like these possible. When you donate to MSRPAC, you’re impacting #MoreThanAdoptions. Your gift in celebration of GivingTuesday changes lives, spreads kindness and keeps pets and people together, right where they belong.


Parvo Puppies   Medical


This litter of six (Sandra pictured) came into our care when they were just one-month-old. Soon after they arrived, it was discovered that they each had tested positive for canine parvovirus.

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center’s medical team worked tirelessly with their foster mom to treat these youngsters and give them the proper aid they deserved. This involved treatment twice a day for four days straight. Every day each pup was given fluids, antibiotics and other medications to ensure their well-being and comfort as they conquered this disease.

The total expense for this bundle of love’s treatment was over $9,000. Though worth every penny, this great cost would impact our budget immensely.

While their health did get worse before it got better, the entire S litter made a full recovery and are now completely parvo-free. They are healthy, happy and each one was adopted by loving families.

Unfortunately this litter is not the first to come through our doors with parvovirus, and certainly will not be the last. If you’d like to help puppies just like Sally, Sandra, Sylvester, Sonny, Stacy, and Steven and assist MSRPAC in ways that are #MoreThanAdoptions please consider a gift towards GivingTuesday today.


Bonnie and Buddy   Senior Wellness


This is the story of Bonnie and Buddy, a dynamic duo that have shared a home for 15 years.

Bonnie adopted Buddy when he was just 7-weeks-old. Now, Buddy is 15-years-old and these two have a bond unlike any other. Buddy is Bonnie's best friend, number one support system and ultimate sidekick. 

Bonnie has been battling stage-4 cancer and Buddy is the beam of light that gets her through chemo, radiation and each of her lengthy appointments.

With Bonnie's medical bills climbing, she was worried that she couldn't manage Buddy's veterinary expenses as well. 

Thankfully, Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center was able to ease Bonnie's fears with the help of our Senior Wellness Program. Thanks to loving friends like you, Bonnie was able to ensure that Buddy's health remained a constant without ever having to worry how she would manage the expense. 

Buddy had skin allergies, hearing problems and a few other medical issues in his old age, but this wasn't something MSRPAC couldn't manage. With your support, we covered Buddy's bills and got Buddy the proper medications and treatments he would need to continue being Bonnie's life-long confidant. 

Thanks to donations from friends like you, Bonnie and Buddy can continue to conquer life and be there for one another when they need it most. In honor of Bonnie, Buddy, and all the pets and people who benefit from the Senior Wellness program, we hope you’ll consider making a GivingTuesday gift today.


Oliver   Huamne Ed


Meet Oliver! Oliver's journey at Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center began with our PAC Paws Reading Program. He would spend his evenings petting and reading to the resident cats at the Adoption Center, strengthening his reading skills and providing company and enrichment to a feline friend.

His love of pets only grew and he joined us for two weeks at our Animal Kids Camp! He then learned more about animal welfare, interacted with many different types of pets, and discovered how to properly engage and socialize with various animals.

Oliver's aspiration to give back and his compassion for pets in need is limitless. This generous young man held a fundraiser on behalf of our organization, donating the proceeds toward the care of the pets at our Center. We know for sure that the future is bright for Oliver. In fact, his mom says: "He's hoping to be President, an architect of zoos and a paleontologist!" Way to shoot for the stars, Oliver! We are beyond honored that MSRPAC can be a part of your journey.

Oliver is a proof that MSRPAC is #MoreThanAdoptions. Together we can help children like Oliver make an impact and provide second chances to pets in need. Gifts made on GivingTuesday and throughout the year, help fund Humane Education programs, allowing more children and adults to learn from their experiences.


Torry and Rory


Before becoming adopted, some homeless animals spend time in foster homes with temporary families until they are ready for that forever kind of love.

More often than not, our foster pets require specialized treatment, round the clock care and particular needs.

Foster pets like Torry!

Tory is a special needs kitty, found on the streets at just a week old. When she first arrived, we could tell she was a little different than the other cats and kittens in our care. As she grew, she began to develop a head bob and a not-so-steady gait.

Torry’s wobbles were formally diagnosed as cerebellar hypoplasia. There is no cure for this condition and Torry will just spend her days being a little wobblier than the rest.

However, it didn’t stop there. Torry was also having trouble eating her food and tended to regurgitate after each of her meals. After careful examination, our team discovered her food was not flowing down her esophagus. Instead, it was getting stuck at the end of her esophagus and slowing down the process of getting passed into her stomach, causing her regurgitation. This is formally known and diagnosed as Megaesophagus.

To combat her condition, Tory’s foster mom, Rory has a specific protocol to follow. Torry is on a strict diet of wet food and goats milk. She is required to be fed in an upright position, about 45 - 90 degrees to the floor, and must remain in this position for at least 10-15 minutes after feeding. Additionally, Torry needs to be held in a “kitten burrito” after feeding.

Rory said: “She is definitely a special needs kitty, but she is such a love. She absolutely loves her humans and is one of the most loving kitties I have ever had (and she has fostered over 60 pets!). We are just so grateful for her and your foster program.”

All of us at MSRPAC are so appreciative of foster parents like Rory who allow pets like Torry to truly blossom and heal in a safe, quiet environment. Fostering provides a great opportunity for people to develop and strengthen the animal-human bond in ways that are #MoreThanAdoptions.

When pets and people come together, lifesaving effects can happen. To help pets like Torry and to aid our Foster Program, consider making a GivingTuesday gift today.


Dr. Pope   clinic


The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center understands that in order to keep pets and people together, pets must remain happy and healthy. We also understand that vet visits can sometimes result in hefty medical bills, causing hardship on the families that love their pets most.

MSRPAC works hard every day to change this cycle. To better serve pets and the people that love them, our clinic provides low-cost spay and neuter services as well as affordable vaccinations and exams. Our primary veterinarian, Dr. Pope, always places the health and well-being of both our pets and the community’s pets first. So far, she has done over 7,200 spay and neuter surgeries at our clinic this year alone. This includes both community pets, as well as our Adoption Center animals. These surgeries where made possible by friends and donors just like you.

Leading in to the New Year, Dr. Pope strives to preform even more surgeries and in turn, save even more lives. Her goal is to spay and neuter 10,000 animals in the year 2022, but she cannot do this without your help.

A donation made on GivingTuesday to the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center benefits #MoreThanAdoptions. It helps get each pet receive a spay or neuter surgery, get vaccinated and be prepared for their second chance at a new life.