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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

What shelter-in-place means for animal shelters.

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center will be open from 10am – 4pm by appointment only. To schedule an appointment to adopt an animal, please email .

We will continue to provide the following services to our community:

  • The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center’s Pet Food Assistance Program feeds 100’s of dogs and cats each month in coordination with different partner organizations throughout the community.  Our Pet Food Assistance Program is also available to anyone who is experiencing financial hardship and might need a little help providing food for their beloved pet(s). We coordinate individual pet food packaging and delivery to those in need and in these times that includes pet owners who are struggling with the loss of employment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Food can be picked up from the Center Thursday – Saturday from 10am – 1pm.
  • Owner relinquishments of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks of age by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment please fill out the form on our website
  • Fostering animals is especially critical right now, since we anticipate fewer people will be coming in to adopt pets amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to our incredible volunteers, we do not currently need fosters, but that may change in the coming days. If you would like to help us be prepared for that eventuality, you can sign up here.

Companion animals add so much to our lives and give us joy, loyalty and unconditional love. When planning for the disbursement of estates, it is vital to allow for the care and protection of your pet(s). Provisions for your pet(s) can be included in your will or living trust, just like you would if you were appointing a guardian to take care of your children.

Because we really care about you and your pets, we have established the Perpetual Pet Care Program – to ensure that pet owners who provide for their pets in estate planning will absolutely be guaranteed a loving, warm and safe home for their dog(s) and /or cat(s). We select new homes – through your criteria – and monitor your pet(s) throughout their entire lifetime.

Only you can make the proper decisions concerning your pet’s needs. Planning is important – you don’t want to put your pet at risk in the future. Sadly, it would be difficult enough for your pet to lose you, and you certainly don’t want your pet to lose the opportunity to live out its natural life in a loving and caring home.

It is important that you designate a caretaker in a Trust or Will and request that the allocated funds be used for food, shelter and veterinary care as needed.

Access the links below for addtional information or contact our executive offices at 951-688-4340 ext 313.