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Feline Frenzy

Adoption Specials
Sunday, 23rd June 2024
Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center

Calling All Cat Enthusiasts: Get Ready for Feline Frenzy!

Do you remember the days when your life was just a tad too calm? A tiny bit too uneventful? Well, fret no more! June is busting out all over at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center with our fabulous Feline Frenzy event (on select days)! We've got a surplus of sassy, cute-as-a-button kittens and majestic adult cats waiting for their forever homes. This is not an occasion to pass up - unless you enjoy a serenity that's bordering on dullness, that is!

What Exactly is Feline Frenzy, You Ask?

Well, imagine an event that combines the excitement of a Black Friday sale with the cuteness overload of cat videos on YouTube - that's our version of June madness! Feline Frenzy is our special pet adoption promotional event where our lovable lineup of feline friends is looking to relocate their personal sandbox to your home!

Benefits of Being Owned by a Cat

Who needs a vacuum cleaner when you've got a lint-loving fur ball? Who needs an alarm clock when you have a breakfast-needing feline companion? With a new purring partner, you'll experience the joy of full cans of tuna, the thrill of the chase (behind couches, mostly), and our personal favorite, the ceaseless inquisition ('Why does my human sit in the water?')

More seriously, though, consider adopting during Feline Frenzy and join us in our mission to eliminate the suffering of homeless cats and dogs. Every whisker, paw, and eye that finds a home helps us at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center continue our work. Because while a cat might have nine lives, it only needs one good home.

Feline Frenzy Dates:
June 8th
June 9th
June 22nd
June 23rd
June 29th
June 30th
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List of Dates (Page event details)

  • From Friday, 28th June 2024 to Sunday, 7th July 2024