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A "tiny" group that lived!

on Wednesday, 13 June 2018. Posted in Special Needs Pets


On the afternoon of April 24th, a good Samaritan brought 5 kittens to our Center. They were abandoned by their mother and needed saving! This kind person intervened and brought them here to be placed into our foster program where they could receive proper care. These little babies were about 1 week old- so little that they needed specialized care. Our staff was quick to get warming pads and kitten formula ready to make sure these babies were happy, healthy, and full!

We had 2 fosters who were willing to split the bunch to make sure they could give them all the attention they needed. Bottle babies are extra work and need feedings about every 2 hours at such a young age. They can’t even go potty without the foster’s help. So, this is the story of one foster household who took in tiny Albert and Abraham!

As they grew, so much personality and character came from these two. They were always hungry and all over their foster mom begging for more milk! They learned to play and run and became crazy, little kittens. At 4 weeks of age, these little guys were digging into dry and wet kitten food, Yum! What we did not see coming, was another little 4 weeks old, orphaned kitten needing help. So we thought, “How great would it be to give this newly orphaned little girl some brothers!” And thus we created the three musketeers! Alice was now with her new brothers. She was sure to show them who was in charge. She had such a feisty little can-do attitude that nothing could get in the way of her thriving. Not even her mouse toy could stand a chance against the fearless Alice!

Our three musketeers are now 7 weeks old. The three tiniest of kittens are the perfect family. They are continuing to grow and play and love each other. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for these love bugs!

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