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Dog Training Casses 2019

Learn how our dog training programs in Riverside, CA can help you and your pet meet your training goals. 

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center offers training classes and resources to address a variety of needs for companion animals. Our training philosophy is based on the behavioral science concepts of positive reinforcement. Training your pet using these methods will not only help them learn new behaviors more quickly, it will also strengthen the bond you share.

Training is offered virtually and in person. Anyone is welcome to join our virtual classes, whether you’re a member of our local community or joining us from afar!

Looking for additional Behavior & Training resources? 




Puppy K is designed to introduce puppies to basic obedience that will help them establish a strong line of communication with you. For puppies 12 weeks to 8 months.


This is an introductory-level course that will introduce your dog to basic obedience skills that are applicable and beneficial for everyday life.


Confidence Camp is designed to meet the training and socialization needs of dogs that are 6 months and up. Owners and their dogs will learn to adapt to new people, dogs, environments, and experiences with a new theme each week.


Puppy Package is a 12-week course that combines Puppy K and Confidence Camp at a discounted rate.


Dog Training Package is a 12-week course that combines Basic Obedience and Confidence Camp at a discounted rate.


Unleash Fun and Socialization for Your Furry Friend!

Experience the joy of off-leash playtime with your dog in our playgroups. Designed to provide a safe and supervised environment for dogs to socialize, our playgroups offer a fantastic opportunity for your canine companion to make new friends and enjoy quality off-leash exercise.


Private training highlights the ability to have complete flexibility with your schedule when booking each training session. Your training should match the dog's energy level and temperament. We will work with you to customize the program to your lifestyle which makes living with your pet much easier. 

60 Minute Behavior Consultation: $75

Meet with our trainer (your dog will not be at this session) to talk about the behavior challenges you are having with your dog. Receive management and training solutions. 

1 Hour training session: $175

Book a one-hour training session with our trainer to work through and get solutions for behavior issues that are outside of group classes and general obedience. 

Package of (6) 1 Hour private training sessions: $400 

In this course dogs will have special one on one training with our experts and learn:

  • Attention
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Recall
  • Stay
  • Drop/Out
  • Wait
  • Heel
  • Plus, basic leash walking


Can’t attend a class in person?  Try GoodPup!  Train at home with virtual 1-on-1 training via video chat, which allows complete flexibility around your busy schedules. GoodPup provides private training with certified trainers who teach cues and advanced behavior on topics like crate training, barking, begging and jumping.

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center adopters and supporters receive one week of free training! With every sign-up, GoodPup makes a generous donation to MSRPAC which will help animals in our community!


Meet Our Trainers

We use positive reinforcement training methods that are approved by veterinarians and the top leaders in the dog training industry. We offer a wide variety of services and tailor our training plans to meet the needs of each individual pet.

  • Jeremy Reed

    CDPT-VSA Certified Trainer

    Jeremy was born and raised right here in Southern California. When it comes to animals, everything from furry to scaled, he’s always had a love for them and calls himself a “geek” when it comes to this topic. Ever since he was a kid, it has been a long-time goal of his to be a dog trainer, and he is over the top ecstatic to be doing it now.

    His background in the kennel environment comes from being at a dog daycare and training facility. Although he was knowledgeable about dog behavior prior to this, it was in these environments where his knowledge was tested and expanded upon tremendously. Being able to work every day with dogs in a large group and with dogs who weren’t social or deemed “aggressive”, expedited the learning process. He’s grateful for that experience and he’s also extremely grateful to be here at MSRPAC. Always aiming to help and to learn, he sees it valuable to not just teach dogs and their people but, to always be a student as well. Jeremy has been a trainer with MSRPAC since 2022. He is a CDPT-VSA trainer and is working toward becoming a certified dog behaviorist.

  • Katie Stoll

    CDPT-KA Certified Trainer

    Katie has devoted her life to dogs and helping owners create a better relationship with their own dog. She believes that passion drives success, and behind every successful Canine, there’s a person who’s passionate about aiding in that success. That’s where Katie comes in! As an avid dog lover from a young age, she has spent her entire life dedicated to studying and understanding more about man (or woman’s!) best friend, and the extraordinary influence that dogs have on our own lives. Her mission is to change the way people look at dog training, and redefine “obedience.”

    Katie began her career as a Professional Dog Trainer at a young age. After over 12 years of professional training, she continues to remain up to date on the most recent positive reinforcement training methods and techniques, and also continues her education through attending training seminars and conferences, such as clicker expo, and is a member of the Association of Peg Dog Trainers (APDT.) To further educate herself in the world of dog sports, she has begun formal agility training with her own dogs, as well as achieving trick titles with them.

    When she is not helping clients, Katie also been volunteers with the non-profit organization Freedom Dogs that trains service dogs for wounded warriors returning with PTSD, Traumatic brain injuries, and mobility issues.

    Katie has been a trainer with MSRPAC since October of 2019. She is KPA- CTP certified.