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Volunteers take dogs on monthly visits to several area hospitals, convalescent, rehabilitation and assisted-living facilities. This program provides much-needed socialization for all participants. Patients and residents look forward to seeing, petting and holding our furry friends. The program also provides valuable socialization for the dogs. They get used to riding in cars, exploring new environments, and meeting new people.

Our Helping Paws program brings the unconditional love and tactile benefits of animals to people in facilities such as hospitals, assisted living centers, convalescent hospitals and senior centers.  Volunteers take dogs to visit more than 19 facilities a month. Studies document that holding and caressing an animal provides benefits such as relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved long- and short-term memory, and sensory stimuli.

Animals often bring out the best in people. They can calm hyperactive children or stimulate movement and interaction in those with physical disabilities. During our pet visits, we've seen movement from unresponsive patients or heard words spoken for the first time - all to the amazement of fellow residents 

Your Help Is Needed!

Like the rest of the Center, our Helping Paws Program relies on individual and corporate donations to fund programs. Little to no revenue is generated by the Helping Paws Program because services are offered free of charge to non-profit facilities and charge only a $10 fee per visit for other facilities; revenues generated only contribute to a small portion of the Center’s operating budget.

To help us reach more patients and children by making a onetime donation.  Donors and corporations also have the opportunity to sponsor a facility, an animal in the program or support the program for an entire year!

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All donations are fully tax deductible as permitted by law.