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Our little dapper resident, Dobbie, had a successful surgery to repair his kneecap on a few weeks ago, and has been doing just dandy during his recovery. Much to Dobbie’s dismay, his doctor directed him to limit his activities. Dobbie has agreed to diligently do his exercises, as he’s determined to get back to his full dynamic self. Even while on the mend, Dobbie is still just as darling as ever, doting on whoever spends time to him. So, won’t you stop by to meet Dobbie? There’s no doubt, this dude will be devoted to delighting whomever is lucky enough to adopt him.

Special Needs Pets

They are not for everyone, but one of these animals might be the perfect companion for you. Certain animals need a home that can provide a little special care and extra time, but they are no less deserving.