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You’re probably asking yourself, “just what is a Dobbinator?”. Well, we’re here to tell you that a Dobbinator (aside from being just one nickname for our resident pup, Dobbie) can easily be defined as an amazing dog, who faces challenges head-on, and doesn’t let the ups and downs of life get him down. If you’ve kept up with our stories about Dobbie, you know that even with going through two surgeries, enduring physical therapy, and waiting since January for his new family, Dobbie has maintained his welcoming personality, and awesome spirit. While the word Dobbinator is technically a noun or proper name, it can be changed to Dobbinate if used as a verb, or Dobbinative if used as an adjective. That last one may be a just a bit of a stretch – let’s just go with it. If using this new vocabulary in a sentence, one might say, “when life hands your lemons, Dobbinate them”. Let’s all remember that even though Dobbie is small in size, there is no limit to the scope of change he can inspire, or size of the presence he can have in someone’s life. And, when we maintain the mantra to Be Like Dobbie, we are all helping to share his spirit far and wide.

Special Needs Pets

They are not for everyone, but one of these animals might be the perfect companion for you. Certain animals need a home that can provide a little special care and extra time, but they are no less deserving.