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When Dobbie first arrived at our Center in January, we told him that we would care and provide for him, play with him, and love him until he found his new family and went home. However, we never thought he’d still be waiting to find that family almost five months later. Who would believe that the awesome opportunity to adopt Dobbie is still available? We have no problem keeping our promise to little Dobbie – he can stay with us as long as it takes, we just know he’smissing out on that feeling of being in a loving home. But what’s worse is that his potential adopter is missing out on the joy of having a Dobbie in their life. When you adopt a Dobbie, you’ll get a companion who loves attention. You’ll also get the joy of having a petite, mostly hairless pup, wiggle and squeal with excitement upon seeing you. In addition, your Dobbie will come with some manners and maturity  – he’s won’t be interested in chewing up things around the house. Instead, when you take home your Dobbie, your dapper, pintsized dude, will be perfectly content simply relaxing and hanging out with you while you catch up on that new show you’re binge watching. Adopting a Dobbie has the added benefit of knowing you provided a second chance to this little fella, who’s had a few ups and downs in his life. And, when you open your home and heart to a dog, like Dobbie, you give us the opportunity to provide a second chance to another dog, who is searching for their new home. So don’t miss out on your chance to adopt your very own Dobbie, stop by the Pet Adoption Center today – supply is limited.

Special Needs Pets

They are not for everyone, but one of these animals might be the perfect companion for you. Certain animals need a home that can provide a little special care and extra time, but they are no less deserving.