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Welcome Volunteer! If you have made it to this website, it means that you have been selected for our Canine Companion Dog Enrichment & Socialization Program – Congratulations!

The following videos include important information that will help you make an impact onour canine population. Please watch each video from start to finish and take the quiz at the end. 

Thank you for volunteering!



In this video we explain the ground rules for all interactions with our resident dogs.

There’s more to know about Dog Socialization at the Pet Adoption Center!

Each dog at the Pet Adoption Center is wearing either a green, red or black collar based on their behavior and/or size. Learn what the different colors stand for in this video.

Some dogs react when they see another dog approaching. They may pull, bark or jump. Find out what to do in that type of situation.

Learn how to hold a leash correctly and ensure the dog’s safety as well as your own!

In this video we explain why proper leash training plays an important role in an Adoption Center environment and we are introducing a Center-approved training technique called “Stop, Stay, Change Direction” that will help you teach a dog how to properly walk on the leash.

This video contains a hands-on demonstration of “Stop, Stay, Change Direction” to help you familiarize yourself with the technique.

In this video, we introduce you to a more advanced leash training technique: left hand turns.

Here, we demonstrate how to perform left hand turns with a large dog.

This video teaches you how to adjust your left hand turns when handling a small dog.

How do we know when and how each dog has been socialized? We keep logs! Learn how to properly fill out the socialization logs. 

Puppies are one of the most vulnerable populations of pets here at the Center. Learn how to keep them safe and how to properly interact with them. 

Optional Videos (not mandatory):
 To complete your dog socialziation volunteer training, please complete the Dog Training quiz and submit to our Volunteer Services team. 

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